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What to expect in worship

Sunday Worship 10 AM

You'll hear readings from the Bible (also called scripture) because the Bible is one important way God chooses to communicate with the people of God. The parts we pay most attention to are the stories of Jesus, who is the way God most closely showed us how much God loves us and wants to be in relationship with us. There's lots more of the Bible we consider, too. As a part of most worship gatherings, the pastor (a type of leader) shares a sermon (a type of lecture). She usually tries to connect the stories from the Bible with our lives today so that we might find comfort and strength to be part of creating a more caring society. Sometimes she just reminded us of how beloved we are to God, and that God's promises are more solid than the sometimes craziness of life might make us think.



People at BSLC really like to sing and listen to music. Most of the songs we sing currently are hymns accompanied by organ or played on piano. (Our organist is really talented!) We have choirs for children, people beyond elementary school, and hand bells! When people with other types of musical gifts come along, we'll figure God is encouraging us to expand our horizons, and maybe even being an evening worship opportunity. (When God provides, we try to respond!)


Jesus knew we need concrete reminders of how much he loves us, and that because of that love we can be forgiven and included in God's family no matter what. The way we experience this is through sharing the meal Jesus started with his earliest disciples. We call it Holy Communion. Small bits of bread (gluten free is available) and wine (or grape juice) are shared using the words that Jesus spoke, so that we remember the feast to come. When directed, people come up in small groups to receive theses things and hear the words of Jesus' love spoken to each person.

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