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There are a number of opportunities for all to be involved in worship, leadership, service, and creating at Beautiful Savior. With youth and adult choirs (vocal & bells), worship care and leadership roles, property care, seasonal overflow shelter meal provision and “wake up” possibilities, garden ministry nurture, future planning, ore the plethora of actions we have yet to imagine  – there are many ways to become involved in the mission and ministry of Beautiful Savior in Vancouver, Washington! How is God calling you to make a difference?


Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is a Christian faith community called to gather people from diverse backgrounds, working to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place enabling all to grow in faith and service in the name of Jesus Christ. We seek to grow our capacity to support and advocate for racial and LGBTQIA+ equity and justice in both Church and in society. In dialogue with one another, we commit ourselves to be a community that reflects openness and understanding, justice and healing for all people. As a community we watch for the surprising ways God shows up in the world, to learn where God is calling us to join in!

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Beautiful Savior welcomes children and youth to participate however they are able. There are numerous activities and programs for youth throughout the year, including high school, middle school, and young children.


Worship doesn’t “just happen” – a whole team of folk work both behind the scenes or “up front” to make it happen.

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Growing faith practices in relationship with others nurtures both individuals’ spiritual health and the vitality of the congregation as a faith community. There is always room to expand what may be offered so if your creative or questioning energy is prompting you to get something new going, don’t hesitate to bring it up and get it moving forward!

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