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Come and see!


Visiting a new congregation can be intimidating; not knowing how things are done "here" is a hard hurdle to overcome. Here's a little bit about what you can expect at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (BSLC).


You'll find a mix of people from varying faith backgrounds at BSLC, each with their own doubts and questions, as well as convictions and beliefs about God's ways in the world. Most here identify as followers of Jesus; no one has everything about faith fully figured out.

Worship is at the center of how we gather as God's people. This particular congregation (congregation = people who identify as a particular group celebrating God and trying to live lives that look a bit like Jesus') enjoys worshiping using what is called liturgy--the patterns and rhythms of worship that shape how we gather. If you are not used to it, it can feel as if there is a lot of alternating sitting and standing as we do the different parts, but that does keep the blood flowing! You won't need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Come as you are, come with your questions and doubts, come to find an experience of Jesus' love celebrated. Oh--and for younger children we have a quiet play area in the worship space. Once restrictions are lowered, we also have a nursery and experienced care. Come and see!

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