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Consider whether you or your family might be one of the voices heard during candle lighting

As we near the time of Advent, you are invited to consider whether you or others in your family might be one of the voices heard during the candle lighting, as we focus on how stories of faith and understanding of scripture is passed from generation to generation. Ideally, we would have four different “generations” (elementary age child, teenage youth, young adult, middle life adult, retired adult, senior elder) represented each week (there are four parts to each reading).

Please use the Signup Genius link:

or Pastor Jean ( know so we can add your name,

As a reminder—there are four weeks of Advent and two services on Christmas Eve (6 PM and 10 PM), so there are six opportunities available! Thank you in advance.

And for those who want to contribute seasonal stories or experiences from yourself or your family that may be used in liturgies during Advent, please use the following link to share your responses.

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