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De-escalation training: Supporting a more civil society at Beautiful Savior Sept. 24, Oct. 15

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Skill-building for the Year Ahead:

De-escalation Training: Supporting a More Civil Society

After BSLC’s summer experiencing both the conflict between hate and love as they exist in our community, and with a predictably heated election year fast approaching, the offer from a local expression of Cure PDX to provide deescalation training at BSLC seemed natural for the Council to accept.

  • Sept. 24, 11:30 AM: There’s Something Happening Here: Understanding the Rise of Political Extremism, a community dialogue on the rise of political violence in America with Dr. Randall Blazak

  • October 15, 11:30 AM: Backing Away from the Edge: How to De-Escalate Tension Around Divisive Social Issues, a community dialogue on the skills available to de-escalate with Ryan Nakade

Both Sundays we will have on hand “substantial snacks” to help us focus on the task at hand and not our growling stomachs. (Feel free to contribute to the provisions!)

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