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Wednesday Night at BSLC Dinners Have Begun!

The opening Wednesday Night at BSLC dinner provided by Bill S. was delicious

and it was great to see folk coming together around tables for shared food and

conversation! Many of the folk taking advantage of not having to brown bag it,

or make their own dinner were involved in the various activities of the night,

and some came just for dinner. Even though for some youth and adults involved

in several of the evening’s activities, for whom the conversation window was

brief, it is clearly a gift for them to be able to eat a warm, nutritious dinner so

they had the energy to participate in all they are doing!

Thank you Bill S, for kicking off this season by providing yummy food and

encouragement for the rest of us to gather! And thank you to the others who

helped set up and clean up! (Kathy, Josiah, and Bev – yes, you were all spied

and appreciated for doing that work – thank you!)

The next Wednesday Night at BSLC Dinner is set for Oct 18, 2023 . Please

RSVP by emailing or calling (360-254-9243)

the church office. While you could decide at the last minute that you want to

participate, it helps plan how much to make if the cook(s) have some idea of

how many people they are preparing to serve!

Please note: combining forces (i.e., a group, household, or individual

volunteering to cook or organize a meal; set up; clean up; …) will help to ensure

the meals continue. Please let Bill or Jill (church office) know how you are

willing to contribute to their success!

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