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You are invited to help with giving tree donations

This year the giving tree tags are for the family that has been living in a motel for 18 months as they move into their new apartment.

Mom, Dad, and 5 children moved here in 2021 for Dad’s job and he has been working full -time. December 1 they finally have a real place to call home. BSLC Social Ministry Committee has provided support the entire time and we are all so thankful for this move.

Your gift cards from Target and Walmart will help them purchase all the incidentals it takes to set up a new home. Maybe even a gift or two for the kids! In addition, you will find tags to support youth in the Evergreen School District (the district BSLC is located in) with gift cards to purchase food (family-friendly cards are possible from WINCO—tobacco related products and alcohol are not allowed), gas cards (e.g., Fred Meyer), clothing, hygiene items or support opportunities for youth to enjoy coffee. or fast foodwith friends. (BSLC is reactivating its faith partnership with the district and this is an opportunity for us to join with schools in supporting student needs.)

Please return gift cards with tag attached to the basket in the narthex by December 17. Thank you so much for your generosity.

It means so much to those who receive your gifts.

Cheryl Pfaff for Social Ministry Committee (Call 360-904-2635 If you have questions)

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