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Holden Evening Prayer Wednesdays during Lent

For five Wednesday evenings (beginning February 21, through March 20), we will gather for Holden Evening Prayer worship and hear several various people share a bit of their faith journeys. As you listen in, I encourage you to consider the windings of your own faith journeys and how you might share with others God’s place in your life, Jesus’ influence on how you live, even as you have times of doubt and others of more certainty.

Before worship on Wednesdays (6:30) everyone is invited to share in reviving a long tradition of gathering and sharing conversation as we eat a simple soup & bread supper in community. There will be five weeks of opportunity to sign up to bring soup and/or bread. The goal is to have four soup options, with at least one that is vegan and one that is gluten free (it could be the same soup!) and four loaves/baguettes of bread, one of which is gluten free. That’s it – a simple meal shared with siblings of faith to sustain us! (Those providing food on a given week are asked to work together to set up and clean up, though all present are asked to assist with the latter.)

(You might notice a bit of a change in tradition for some of those who gather, when confirmation students and adult mentors head off to the side of the larger group to have their meal, so that they may also engage in guided conversations as they eat. Please honor the commitment of their time together by not interrupting them.)

And a last Lenten consideration for now. The Wednesday morning Bible study has disbanded as a Zoom meeting, but if there is interest I would enjoy sharing in a Bible study with brown bag lunch in person (or hybrid with Zoom participation for those who no longer drive). I suggest this be a study specific to the five Wednesdays in Lent when we have evening services, as a trial run, since many in our congregation are not able to drive in the dark. If you are interested in participating please call, text me, or email me at

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